At a five-day training on Digital Youth Activists held in Ohrid in the period of 7 to 11 September,  young people from high schools gathered and had the opportunity to get to know each other through team building in order for further cooperation in implementing initiatives that the 25 selected young people will actively work on in the next 9 months.

Quizzes, games, group work, conversations, presentations, and other interactive exercises were part of the session activities. The overall program and discussion topics were the focus of the agenda so that  participants have chance to get to know one another, supporting one another, learning how to communicate with one another, and creating a cohesive team that can work together on the project further.

Participants had the chance to discuss on the topics of intercultural dialogue, intercultural understanding and human rights. Other outcomes that were accomplished were: increased appreciation of roles, purpose, and  group-established expectations, appreciation of individual strengths and weaknesses, developed creative problem solving along with time and crisis management skills and development of the ability to find opportunities in change and overcome challenges. The whole training promoted individual and group growth with fun and memorable experiences.

This project is supported by National Endowment Democracy.

You can find more pictures from the training HERE.