Inspirational workshop “Let’s go green” was organized at the local youth center MultiKulti as a follow up activity from the participants on 40th YEU Convention – Heroes of Climate Change. They were eager to share the knowledge on climate changes and all the ways of saving the nature. The main goal of the activity was raising awareness on the importance of our everyday habits.

,,Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do’’ was the  main message the participants learned, meaning it became clear for everyone that we can all contribute to making the change by doing what’s in our power and starting with our own habits, by practicing eco-friendly lifestyle. The cloth bags that were creatively decorated were the first step of making small changes that make big difference when you look at the broader perspective. Many topics related to climate changes were discussed and a lot of ideas were shared. Everyone agreed that people are the reason of the not so good things that are happening to the nature, so the conclusion was that we are the ones that need to change, in order to make difference and save the nature.