From November 24 to 26, a transformative training unfolded, bringing together 19 participants for a focused initiative aimed at combating hate speech. This comprehensive program sought to empower a local group with the necessary tools and knowledge to address hate speech, both in physical spaces and the vast realm of the internet. The training is part of the project “The True Dialogue,” co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

The three-day training produced several significant outcomes, propelling the 19 participants into roles as catalysts for positive change:

  • Enhanced Awareness and Empowerment: Participants left the training with a heightened awareness of the complexities of hate speech and a sense of empowerment to actively combat it within their communities.
  • Digital Citizenship and Online Resilience: Armed with tools and strategies, participants became adept at promoting positive discussions and countering hate speech in the digital realm, contributing to a safer online environment.
  • Storytelling as a Counterforce: The art of narrative building emerged as a powerful tool against hate speech. Participants now possess the skills to construct narratives that challenge divisive rhetoric and promote unity.
  • Agents of Intercultural Harmony: The training fostered a commitment to intercultural dialogue, positioning participants as advocates for diversity, understanding, and unity within their local communities.

The “The True Dialogue” project’s multiplier training against hate speech shows the European Union’s proactive approach to addressing societal concerns. As the 19 participants apply the knowledge and skills they gained throughout the program, they will play an important role in achieving the project’s vision of a more tolerant, inclusive, and harmonious community.