On November 20th – 24th 2022 in Vila Nova De Gaia was held the DYPALL Network`s 2nd Steering group meeting.

Our colleague, Tamara Petkovska, as a Steering group member attended this meeting together with her colleagues from the other organizations od DYPALL Network.

As part of this meeting the members offered their contribution towards the Strategic and Action plan for 2023-25 and were discussed the current challenge of the network. Additionally, the Steering group members contributed in the new program areas such as: Youth Democracy, Cities of Welcome and New forms of participation.

The meeting overlapped with few days of the Assembly of Members of the network. The Steering group members facilitated few discussions regarding the identification of the future collaboration opportunities in terms of partnership building and developing projects together.

The events were organized by the DYPALL Network and was supported by the Vila Nova de Gaia municipality and funded by the EU Civil Solidarity Cooperation Grant.