On 23.12.2022 in MultiКулти the General Assembly was held, in which the entire membership of CID had the opportunity to participate. This was the first open assembly for all members after the pandemic.

The annual report for 2021 was presented at the assembly, which had to be voted on by the members. The financial report for 2021 was also presented, which was very successful despite all the obstacles we faced due to the pandemic. The members present had the opportunity to recall the activities of 2021, since most of them were the participants of those activities.

Our executive director Nami Isaki briefly presented the work of CID in 2022, which has so far been CID’s most successful year since the organization was established. He also announced the plans for 2023, in which we will continue to work at a stronger pace in order to achieve the vision and mission of CID.

All in all, the general assembly went perfectly well and everyone’s opinion was heard and appreciated. We thank all the membersfor their participation and engagement during this event and we look forward to our future successes in 2023!