For the needs of the project “Youth Civic Education Platform for Countering Radicalization (Youth Counter)”, funded by the European Union through IPA Civil Society Facility and Media Programme (2019 allocation), EuropeAid/167061/DD/ACT/MK, Support to Civil Society Networks and Platforms in the Republic of North Macedonia, the procurement committee at the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is opening a call for submitting the offers no.13-03/2023, for mentor for youth competition for best community development ideas for the activity (A 3.2; BL 6.6).


About the project

The project Youth Civic Education Platform for Countering Radicalization (Youth Counter) aims to recognize, prevent, counter and fight against violent extremism that can lead to terrorism among young people in society. Young people are one of the most vulnerable group category in the country, with a very high rate of unemployment, which leads to a lower quality of life and to their high level of emigration. They may also be easier targets for “radical influences,” especially in communities where what is missing is an efficient system that will promptly detect threats from radicalization. Civil organizations in the country, on the other hand, do not have sufficient capacities to play the social role for the prevention of violent extremism, especially when it comes to young people population.

Bearing in mind that we are a country that feels the world trends of increased dangers from the extremism that leads to terrorism, this project through the implementation of project activities should contribute to strengthening the capacities of youth organizations and stakeholders to build resilience among young people to combat radicalization that can lead to violent extremism, thereby showing results and protecting the entire society from such occurrences and side effects.

Specific objectives of the project are:

• research in the field of the specific topic;
• improving the capacities of youth civil society organizations for early identification of radicalization that can lead to violent extremism among young people and its prevention;
• raising awareness and building resilience among the young population for the prevention of violent extremism.


Tasks and responsibilities:

Within the framework of the project “Youth Civic Education Platform for Countering Radicalization (Youth Counter)”, and within the framework of A 3.2, it is planned to select 1 mentor in the territory of Kumanovo, who will mentor 2 youth groups in the process of creating initiatives for community development and improvement of life in the local community in the direction of intercultural cooperation, socio-economic development and media literacy. The mentor’s engagement is intended to support the group in Kumanovo and independently implement the activities at the local level. The planned start period is June 2023.

Expected Results

  • Prepared mentoring program among with an implementation plan;
  • Conducted 16 mentoring days with 2 youth groups
  • Prepared 2/3 initiatives/projects
  • Submitted final report on the work.

The time frame for the accomplishment of the task is from June to November 2023.



– High education
– At least 5 years of experience in mentoring, education and training
– Experience in using non-formal education methods
– Experience in the topics that the youth groups will work on (socio-economic cooperation, media literacy and innovations, intercultural cooperation, etc.)
– Leadership and technical skills
– Ability to identify targets
– Focused on growth
– Shows positive behavior
– Excellent use of English


How to apply?

The offer should contain the following elements:

A) A qualitative offer should contain:
• Short biography (CV)
• Methodology and work plan
• Reference list
B) Financial offer
The financial offer should be prepared according to the form provided as an attachment in the tender documentation


The offer can be submitted in one of the following ways:
– E-mail address:
– Postal address (hard copy): Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID), st. Vuk Karadzic no. 19A, 1300 Kumanovo
– In person at the premises of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID), str. Vuk Karadzic no. 19A, 1300 Kumanovo

IMPORTANT: In the subject of your mail or your letter please indicate the name of the project “Youth Civic Education Platform for Countering Radicalization (Youth Counter)” and specify the reference number: 13-03/2023.

The deadline for submission of offers is April 20, 2023, 16:00.