“Leading is about learning to be a facilitator” – this was the main lesson our participants learned at the training for facilitators that was held in May 2023 in Struga, North Macedonia. 32 youngsters from 8 different municipalities took place on the training and used the great chance to learn about the meaning and importance of good facilitation process.

They had an opportunity to find out what are the main characteristics of a person who is considered to be a good facilitator, which are the expected qualities and the needed skills, in order to achieve the main goals when facilitating. Through interactive activities, by using non- formal educational methods our trainers managed to teach young people the basis of good facilitation. Аltogether, this training was a wonderful experience for all participants, an experience that helped them learn new skills, but also improve the ones they already had. “It was concrete and clear, especially the presenters really tried to explain to us what we need and
I’m satisfied with that” comments one of the participants. “The training was very intriguing and interesting! It was an amazing experience, I’d do it again” says another one.

Now it’s up to the youth to apply what they have learned from the training and to show that everyone can be a good facilitator!