Project place: Kayseri, TURKEY

Project dates: June 17-25 , 2023

Deadline for applying: URGENT!


Established in Kayseri in 2013 as a youth stage, our association was named Kayseri Youth with a more inclusive name in 2019.It has updated its name as the Assembly Association. The main fields of activity, which our association has focused on since its establishment, are culture and art. and youth participation activities. Since the day it was founded, cultural activities such as theatre, drama, poetry and conversation. More than 50 local and national activities were carried out in these activities. Theater and voice-over courses are also the activities of the association.

Activity of the Project

The general problems we will address in the project are as follows; when we examine the recent
studies and actions, we see that the concepts of cultural prejudice, discrimination and racism have
increased. We can say that the respect for different cultures has not reached the desired levels. also
negatively affected intercultural dialogue in the last few years.
When we look at the results of previous projects, we saw that Erasmus+ programs also have many
positive examples of intercultural interaction, especially among young people.
The specific problems and needs that we will address in the project are as follows. The number of
Syrians under temporary protection, which has increased recently in our country, is heading towards a
serious problem of xenophobia in the local area. Although this may seem like Syria at first, it is a
serious problem against every country, regardless of nationality. There is a need to increase concrete
cultural unifying efforts to reduce hostility towards people. It is known that different cultures have
lived in peace in our country since the Ottoman period. He stated that he came next. The dimension is
often mentioned. Culture is a concept that needs to be addressed with its different dimensions. If the
aim is to reduce prejudices and provide intercultural dialogue in a project, this can be addressed with
both the food, art and historical dimensions of culture. The important thing is to raise awareness, not to
introduce a whole culture. It has been seen that the studies focused on a single dimension. The
effectiveness of such projects should also be measured and compared. As our Bulgarian partner said,
the theoretical intercultural learning parts of culture are missing in youth exchanges. Theoretical
information about cultural learning is undoubtedly needed. Our project goals; -To strengthen the
awareness of Europeanness and EU cooperation in global problems, -To provide a positive
intercultural dialogue by addressing some different aspects of culture with different methods, -To
contribute positively to the reduction of prejudices, racism and xenophobia and to raise awareness,
– To disseminate the Erasmus+ program and to strengthen the communication of the project partners,
-To support young people’s active citizenship and creativity,
-To introduce different cultures.
In order to achieve the project goals, on 17-25 June 2023 in Kayseri; A physical youth exchange
activity will be held with a total of 31 young people and 1 trainer coming from Estonia, Northern
Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey. Close to the end of the project, a complementary virtual
mobility will be held with the same participants. At least 3 young people with fewer opportunities
from each country will take part in the project. Profiles of young people with limited opportunities;
geographical barriers, economic barriers, and cultural differences. In the project, intercultural dialogue
has been taken over 4 different elements and there are theoretical and practical applications for each of
them. Accordingly, intercultural dialogue will be discussed in the dimension of food, intercultural
dialogue, handicrafts, intercultural dialogue, cultural learning and intercultural dialogue in the
dimension of cultural images. Alongside the main activities, supportive youth activities are intense.



– Participants should be between the ages of 18-29. There is no age limit for group leaders.
– It is recommended that a participant participating in the erasmus program for the first time is also included in your team.
– a youth with limited opportunity should be included in each team ( financial difficulties, cultural differences,
geographically limited etc.)
– each participating country consists of 6 persons.




All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR.

Participation fee: NONE!

Sending fee: 750 MKD!