Project place: Radenci, Slovenia

Project dates: 10-17 June, 2023

Deadline for applying: URGENT!


If you interested in:
* Gaining greater self-awareness, empowerment, and understanding of others,
* Exploring Mental health, emotions and human psychology,
* Developing or improving different youth-working skills and becoming more confident in that role,
* Learning through interactive and diverse non-formal methods,
* Getting new tools and learning new methods that can be useful for personal and group work,
* Meeting interesting new people from 7 different countries, who share some similar interests,
… and more, then read further!


About the Project in short

Difficulties connected to our mental health have become a common thing among people yet there is still very limited understanding of it. Not everyone is comfortable opening up. Many are having a hard time expressing themselves or even knowing what they need due to our limited self-awareness. On top of that, there is so much information and so-called solutions out there which are often contradictory or difficult to understand so a person can become even more confused. All of this can greatly affect the quality of our life and our relationships. The idea of this project is for the participants to gain knowledge and develop skills that will empower them as individuals and in the role of a youth worker. Learning will be happening through various non-formal activities, creativity, games and methods such as simulations, storytelling, small-groups work, discussions etc. Participants’ views on the world and themselves will be challenged. There will also be plenty of opportunities to discuss and gain new perspectives on relevant topics, develop better critical thinking and hopefully recognise the value in another’s point of view, instead of being threatened by it. Participants will acquire new tools, try different methods, ask themselves some important questions and increase their understanding of both, themselves and


Our objectives

• Raise general mental health awareness among young people and improve their ability to cope with problems,
• Increasing the level of self-awareness of the participants in a practical way and enabling the development of different competencies,
• To empower youth workers by providing concrete tools and develop a greater understanding, connected to mental difficulties, to be able to give better support to young people, in their local communities.


Participant’s profile

One of the most important things is the motivation to participate and have an interest in the topic. It is an intense program so one needs to be willing to dedicate to it fully.
We are looking for people who:
-Already work with young people or groups or are interested in becoming youth workers,
– Are 18 years old or above,
– Have a good enough understanding of English to be able to follow and participate actively,
– Have the desire to gain new skills and learn about themselves,
– Are willing to fully participate throughout the whole training which consists of 6 working days (11.-16.6.),
– Will, in their country group, organize at least one local activity after the training, with the assistance of their sending organization



All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 180 EUR.

Participation fee: NONE!

Sending fee: 750 MKD!