After a successful arrangement with the Municipality, CID was able to visit the local high schools to held the trainings for the project Up2You(th)!.

The first local workshops were done in the period of 16-19th of May.
So far, the Local Workshop gathered 80 youngsters from Kumanovo and Lipkovo.

Following the successful outcomes achieved in the project from the survey and the focus groups, these local workshops were designed based on those findings.

A report will be created after the working groups of the project where in the document there will be a guidance to creation of a workshop for local youngsters who would like to tackle the issues of the youngsters of Kumanovo.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID), together with Armenian Progressive Youth (APY) and Youthfully Yours (YY) are partners in this KA2 project called Up2You(th)!
The project aims at promoting youth engagement and active citizenship through exchange of best practices and equipping youth workers and educators with capacity, tools and methods to work effectively with individual youngsters and groups of young people not active on a local level.