The recent team conference held in Paris was unfortunately short considering the magnitude of the Check’Europe project. Given the complexity of the endeavor, there is always a lot to discuss within the team. However, after the successful 2nd Transnational Partners Meeting (TPM) in Budapest, we have made significant progress over the past few months, particularly in developing the Intellectual Outputs.

During this meeting, our colleague Besart together with a volunteer from here discussed the next steps in the meeting with the rest of the partners for the content of the project, however we will start with 1st Intellectual Output (IO). It was decided that instead of focusing on Poland, we would shift our attention to the future political changes in North Macedonia. This adjustment will facilitate the creation of field reports since we have staff in North Macedonia, eliminating the need to find external assistance from Poland. Besart shared these updates with the team.

Notably, North Macedonia is scheduled to hold both parliamentary and presidential elections in 2024. Therefore, our focus for the 1st IO will be centered around North Macedonia in anticipation of these upcoming political events.

Regarding the 2nd IO, we have made significant progress. The development of the game has been highly productive, and it is now ready for use. Initially, we encountered difficulties in finding a suitable platform for the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). However, after careful consideration, we have decided to utilize Canvas, which has proven to be an excellent choice. The MOOC is nearing completion and will be available for use soon.

One of the highlights of the meeting in Brussels was the opportunity to engage with partners face-to-face, as opposed to online interactions via platforms like Zoom. The presence and direct interaction with our partners greatly enhanced the collaborative atmosphere.

We are eagerly anticipating the further development of the project. Fake news is a pervasive issue, not only within our community, country, or Europe but throughout the entire world. The Check’Europe project holds immense significance in addressing this problem, making it a crucial endeavor for all involved.

Looking ahead, the next milestone for the Check’Europe project is the C2 LTT, which will take place in North Macedonia towards the end of this year.