On May 30, 2023, in the Round Hall in the premises of Komitet Kumanovo, Center for Intercultural Dialogue held a debate on the topic of cooperation between local authorities and the business community in our municipality. Many issues were discussed on this topic, which affect both the local authorities and the business community, but also every individual who may not be directly involved in a business at the moment, but in any case has a connection with the topic and affects the overall local economic development.

Our speakers, representatives of the local government and representatives of the business community, gave a big part in developing the debate. They also gave a good overview and commentary on the developments so far in terms of cooperation between businesses and the local community. Furthermore they shared their first-hand experience about the ways in which communication takes place between the municipality and the owners of businesses and enterprises, as well as about which communication channels are used, which advisory and consultative bodies have been created and exist and how they contribute to effective cooperation. All in all, this debate opened many interesting questions, and at the same time gave useful information on how to encourage dialogue in the future, how to cooperate more effectively and how both sides can be more active towards achieving the common goal of creating a reliable foundation for constant progress in local economic development.

This panel discussion was on an important topic for all of us as these collaborations play a vital role in driving economic growth, creating job opportunities and ensuring the overall development of the region. This discussion shed light on the importance of such collaborations and the positive impact they can have on local economic development.