Our colleague Tamara was part of the steering group & project management team meeting in Sintra, Portugal from June 14-17, 2023.

The meeting was mostly devoted on the updates of the networks` activities, the review of the working groups expected outcomes and the selection procedure of the future working groups.

It was also discussed the future communication strategy of the DYPALL network and in which way will be used the branding and the communication with the DYPALL target audience.

The steering board members also had the opportunity to visit the youth center in Sintra guided by the youth worker who works in the youth center. They were also introduced to the centers` program and activities that the young people undertake there.


Moreover, the steering group members had the study visit in the Municipality of Cascais, learning more about the youth participatory budget that is provided by the municipality.

By having this opportunity, the steering group members were enabled to provide their suggestions and expertise as well as to gather additional knowledge and experience regarding the youth participation and to bring them home to their local communities and organizations.