Up2You(th), a KA2 project came to the end with the last meeting being on the Tuesday, the 29th of August 2023.
In this meeting, a dissemination event was organized where 22 young people from Kumanovo took part and learned what happened in the project.
One of the youngsters, Jovana Lazarevska, who was part of the project, took the lead to share what happened in the project.

She informed the youngsters about the online questionnaire, and the focus groups that were organized, where afterwards 4 local workshops in Kumanovo were held, taking in place with around 100 youngsters from North Macedonia.

Overall, the project was a success where we raised awareness to more than 300 youngsters of North Macedonia on the topic of youth participation and youth engagement.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID), together with Youthfully Yours (YY) and Armenian Progressive Youth (APY) are partners in this KA2 project which was called Up2You(th)!

The project aimed at promoting youth engagement and active citizenship through exchange of best practices and equipping youth workers and educators with capacity, tools and methods to work effectively with individual youngsters and groups of young people not active on a local level.