From 7 th September – 11 th September, CID has organized a training for the project “Promoting Youth Activism in Multiethnic Communities”. By gathering 20 youngsters from 14-17 years old, this 5-day training was aiming on building a team with main focus on creating the group cohesion and helping the participants get to know each other. Тhe diversity in the group, that is, the different ethnic, national, religious affiliations, contributed to a better understanding of diversity, elaboration of topics related to prejudices, discrimination, mutual acceptance, tolerance, understanding and respecting others who are different from us. The objective of the entire agenda and themes was to help the participants get to know one another, support one another, learn how to interact with one another, improve their communication and become a cohesive team that could work throughout the project.

On the first day the participants had a teambuilding session through various non- formal, engaging and interactive activities. Once the team cohesion was created, the trainers went on with aiming the goal of this training by various games, group work activities, discussions, presentations. In the next few days, the group had a chance to learn more and discuss the topics related to intercultural dialogue, accepting the differences, and embracing the various cultures. Additionally, the subject of human rights was covered, giving the participants the chance to discover what these rights entail, why they are significant, and why it is crucial that we understand and uphold them through engaging activities including games, quizzes, discussions, and role acting. Additionally, the participants had the chance to realize via the varied teaching techniques used by the trainers, that not everyone has the same rights, making it vital to respect and support one another as well as constantly work for improved possibilities for everyone and the realization of our basic human rights.

This 5-day training was a transformative and really inspiring experience for the young individuals that took part. The youngsters showed their passion for learning about human rights, democracy, youth activism, etc. They actively discussed and expressed their unwavering willingness to become the change makers in their communities. With the following activities from the project we believe these 20 youngsters will become the new generation of change, which will promote youth activism in their multiethnic communities and become the change they always wanted to see.