On 11 November 2023 on a beautiful autumn day we held annually, the Born 2 Run 6th edition marathon that not only promotes physical fitness and well-being but also commemorates the city’s liberation, creating a unique blend of celebration and athleticism. The event was organized by Center for Intercultural Dialogue, in collaboration with the OSCE Mission to Skopje, Municipality of Kumanovo, Europe House Kriva Palanka, Ministry of Internal Affairs – Kumanovo, and the support from local private businesses Ritron Copy, Fluidi-M and Caffee bar Ministerstvo.

The event, expertly organized by a team of young, energetic volunteers, showcased the city’s vibrant spirit and united nearly 200 participants from various corners of North Macedonia and beyond. The races, spanning 3 km and 10 km, provided an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and celebrate the joy of running. With 12 deserving winners—three men and three women in both race categories—the competitive element of Born 2 Run added an extra layer of excitement. The inclusivity of the event, transcending barriers of age, race, ethnicity, and disability, echoed the values championed by the Center for Intercultural Dialogue.

A noteworthy highlight of the event was the participation of the organization “Poraka nasha,” further emphasizing the community-driven nature of Born 2 Run. Their presence underscored the event’s commitment to fostering unity and collaboration among diverse groups within society.

Beyond the races, Born 2 Run infused life into the city, drawing people out of their homes to enjoy the refreshing autumn air, good music, and the lively atmosphere.

As the 6th edition of Born 2 Run came to a close, the city of Kumanovo experienced a renewed sense of community and vitality. The success of the event, coupled with the positive energy generated, left everyone eagerly anticipating the next edition. Born 2 Run has once again proven to be a catalyst for unity, well-being, and cultural celebration. Until next year – see you at the starting line!

Jovana Lazarevska and Ediona Ameti part of the volunteers on the event shared with us their experience:

This is my second-year volunteering at the Born2Run race, which has been organized for six years in a row.  The way of organizing, the energy that reigns and the competitive spirit that is felt were already known to me. However, every year brings new challenges, experiences, friendships, and of course – winners! Last year I volunteered in blocking the streets together with representatives from the Army. This year I had the opportunity to be at the start of the 3km race, which gave me the opportunity to feel the atmosphere that prevails before the start of the race and see the strong desire to win in the eyes of each participant. It was a great honor and pleasure to be a part of such an event – a race that aims to bring people of all ages, genders, religions and ethnicities together and create lifelong memories for them! – Jovana


Being a part of the Born2run event was not only a wonderful experience but it is also is something I’m always up to do. Because being a volunteer is a chance to immerse yourself in a meaningful cause, it is very rewarding to give your time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return. Contributing was a fulfilling experience that allowed me to connect with others, meet different people, create new memories and learn important skills that will benefit me in the future. As a participant I got to see firsthand the difference us, volunteers, made in the lives of others and in the community.  I got to be a part of the energy and excitement of the event, cheering on the runners and encouraging them to succeed. Each one of us that volunteered had an amazing time whether it was handing out water, directing participants or assisting with registration, the contribution was what made us feel good knowing we helped to make a difference and knowing that we made good memories that we will cherish forever.  It’s a great way to be a part of something bigger and I can’t wait to do the same next year. -Ediona

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