Project place: near Bern, Switzerland

Project dates: 18-25 April 2024

Deadline for applying: URGENT!


✓ Are you one of the brave changemakers, peace educators, activists and youth workers who make the world a better place?
✓ Do you want to learn more on how to provide high-quality educational activities for peace (workshops, webinars, training courses…)?
✓ Would you like to get to know new peace education methods and workshop scenarios?
✓ Are you willing to develop your training and facilitation skills by both sharing your expertise with others and participating in peace education workshops?
✓ Are you ready to meet amazing peace education practitioners from over 13 countries, make new friendships and get inspired by their ideas and projects?
✓ And all this at no cost, or just a small membership fee?
✓ Can you make it to Switzerland for the period 18-25 April 2024?
✓ Do you live in any of the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, France, Jordan, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Palestine, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, or Switzerland?
If your answers are “Yes, this is me!”, then…




The Peace Education Market will empower you to increase the quality and quantity of your peace education activities. During the training you will:
▪ deepen your knowledge and understanding of the concept of peace and its 3 pillars: inner peace, peace with others and peace with nature,
▪ learn to design and facilitate high-quality learning processes, and deliver impactful peace education activities,
▪ participate in numerous peace education workshops and get inspired by them,
▪ if you want, lead your own workshop and develop your training skills, gain confidence and receive feedback from your peers,
▪ get equipped with various training tools and methods you can later use in your work and everyday life,
▪ discuss the current peace education trends and approaches,
▪ find space for the safe exchange of good practices, of inspiration, of sharing resources and ideas with practitioners from 13 countries,
▪ plan a follow-up action to take place in your local community upon the course completion.



The project is intended for the following types of participants:

-above 18 years.
– trainers and educators leading peace education activities.
– peace activists, leaders and youth workers with a strong interest in peace education and its appliance in their work.




All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 360 EUR.

Sending fee: 750 MKD