Besart Shabani and Tamara Petkovska recently participated in the 4th Transnational Partners Meeting (TPM) held in Brussels on January 17-18, 2024, marking a pivotal moment for the Check’Europe project.


Outcomes and Discussions:

In Intellectual Output 1 (IO1), the participants delved into a comprehensive review of their progress. A unanimous decision was made to compile a collaborative report, pooling together individual reports on the Polish Elections. This collective effort aims to create a comprehensive overview, fostering a deeper understanding of the democratic process. Moreover, discussions unfolded around the creation of interactive tools, potentially using a story map format, for analyzing Elections in Europe. This innovative approach is still in the deliberation stage, showcasing the commitment to exploring cutting-edge methodologies.

For Intellectual Output 2 (IO2), the focus is on inclusion in the next Dissemination event. Building on the success of the last training in Kumanovo, all the partners aim to showcase their contributions to a broader audience.

Intellectual Output 3 (IO3) sets the stage for an engaging live Twitch discussion. The proposed topic revolves around debates concerning the integration of the notion of consent in potential common law, with a particular emphasis on defining rape as a crime on the European level.

JEF Europe took the lead in Intellectual Output 4 (IO4) by presenting a workshop on EurHope. Meanwhile, JEF Hungary unveiled a comprehensive 32-page booklet and an article on EU education, further enriching the project’s outcomes.


Next Steps:

Looking ahead, the team discussed upcoming events and activities. The next Dissemination event is slated to take place in Budapest around March/April, where the project’s progress will be shared with a wider audience.

Following this, a training session is scheduled in France on the 6th and 7th of April 2023, coinciding with the European Press Day. This event will extensively cover the European Elections of 2024, exploring the role of media, addressing issues related to fake news, stereotypes, and focusing on the impact of AI. The participation of all project partners and specialists from various countries is anticipated, promising a dynamic exchange of insights.


As Check’Europe continues to evolve, these collaborative efforts exemplify a commitment to fostering awareness and combating disinformation on a transnational scale.
The next TPM will be taking place in our premises during early June of this year. Dates TBC in the days to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on #CheckEurope and #FakeNews #EU #EuropeanElections