Through “Promoting Youth Activism in Multiethnic Communities,” a project supported by the National Endowment for Democracy, the Youth Center has become a thriving hub for cultivating tomorrow’s leaders. Over the course of the project, we have successfully implemented four impactful workshops, each designed to empower and educate the 20 enthusiastic participants. Take a look at what our youth gained from these workshops and explore how they transformed their lives.

The first workshop was for exploring the role of active citizens in a democratic society, and about the tools for active citizenship.  Through the inaugural workshop, we explored the essential role citizens play in a democratic society. Experienced educators gave participants useful skills for engaged citizenry, encouraging accountability and self-determination. The sessions helped young minds understand the complexities of civic life and how they can make a difference.

Second workshop gave the participants chance to learn about communication, public speaking, and the role of body language as well as the skills of active listening. On this weekend workshop the participants strengthened their interpersonal abilities, delving into public speaking, body language, and the art of active listening. Experienced trainers led them in confidence-boosting activities, ensuring that our young people can express their ideas clearly and persuasively.

Then the workshop on intercultural awareness when communicating followed. Building intercultural understanding is crucial in a today’s society where connections are becoming more and more seamless. On this workshop we discussed the subtleties of communicating in a varied culture and multiethnic communities. Through exploring the diversity of cultures, participants developed a cross-cultural understanding. These young leaders are better able to participate in meaningful conversations and close cultural gaps within their communities because they embrace diversity.

Conflict resolution in a team was the next topic covered in the weekend workshops. Participants gained skills for handling conflicts in a productive way, by learning the phases of a team and realizing the fact that every group has different moments, ups and downs, as well as successes and failures. These young people now possess the abilities to promote harmony and productivity in any team setting as they prepare to become future leaders.

There are further workshops envisioned on areas that will benefit the youth, enabling them to expand in their skills and knowledge and become involved as members of their local communities. Stay tuned to find out what creative ideas the youth will bring forth!