The recent Transnational Partners Meeting in Berlin for the #TheatreMakesPolitics project proved to be a pivotal chapter in the initiative’s journey. Held from the 26th to the 29th of January, the meeting brought together representatives from the seven partner organizations, each contributing 1-2 members, including Besart from Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID).

At the heart of the discussions was the development of the project’s toolkit, addressing critical issues such as Islamic Fundamentalism, Christian Fundamentalism, Far-right extremism and populism focusing on Racism and antirefugees’ rhetoric, and Far-right extremism and populism emphasizing Disinformation and Conspiracy theories.

CID, actively engaged in the project, is spearheading the development of content for the toolkit, specifically focusing on Disinformation and Conspiracy theories, and Far-right extremism populism: Racism and antirefugees’ rhetoric. The meeting saw each partner organization presenting their contributions, sharing current progress, identifying areas for improvement, and collectively discussing the way forward.

Beyond the toolkit, the meeting delved into the concept of Resonances, emphasizing open exchange and initiating the structuring of the anticipated project result – a handbook. Partners engaged in comprehensive discussions regarding the project’s website, public relations strategies, and organizational matters, including financial aspects, upcoming Zoom meetings, Transnational Partners Meetings (TPMs), conferences in Germany, and other logistical concerns.

The partners collaboratively addressed elements and structuring of the handbook and videos, establishing a timetable for pilot workshops, and setting deadlines for the creation of project results. The intensity and productivity of the meeting were evident, leading to a fruitful discussion on the location and scheduling of the next Transnational Partners Meeting during the subsequent online meeting.

The Theatre Makes Politics (TMP) project, spanning from April 29, 2022, to April 28, 2025, is led by Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik e.V. in Germany. Funded by Erasmus+, the consortium includes partners from France, Greece, Portugal, and North Macedonia. The initiative aims to creatively respond to anti-democratic forces in European societies by empowering youth workers with tools from theatre pedagogy and other performing arts. CID, alongside other collaborators such as La Transplanisphere (France), Panellinio Diktio Gia To Theatro Stin Ekpedefsi (Greece), Ex-Quorum – Associação de Divulgação de Eventos Culturais (Portugal), and Stadt Dortmund (Germany), is actively contributing to this transformative endeavor.

As the partners forge ahead with the toolkit development and plan for future activities, the #TheatreMakesPolitics project remains committed to its overarching goal – fostering a deeper understanding among young people and countering prejudices through the impactful intersection of theatre and creative expression. The collaborative efforts witnessed during the Berlin meeting underscore the project’s dedication to creating positive change in European societies.