In the heart of Strasbourg, the PENDYW project recently set sail on a transformative journey as partners gathered for an invigorating kick-off meeting. The air was buzzing with enthusiasm and camaraderie as Youth for Exchange and Understanding, along with partners YEU, MOJU, CID, ECG, YEN, and CCF, embarked on this collective mission of Promoting Equality and Non-Discrimination in Youth Work.

Our colleagues, Besart Shabani and Nami Isaki, share their insights on the two-day meeting that proved to be more than just a kick off—it was an inspiring convergence of minds and a reunion of old friends.

“It was an interesting meeting,” Besart reflects. “With some of the project partners, I already knew them, and it was nice meeting old friends. However, some are new, and I am looking forward to working with them.”

The kick-off meeting wasn’t just about laying out objectives and discussing timelines; it was about building connections and fostering a sense of collaboration among partners. The mix of familiar faces and new acquaintances added a dynamic flavor to the proceedings, creating an atmosphere of shared purpose.

“We saw what we need to do, and we talked about what is next to come,” Nami shares. The meeting delved into the intricacies of the project, from mission details to budget breakdowns, and partners had the opportunity to dive deep into the action plan and explore the suite of communication and management tools.

The collaborative spirit was palpable, with each partner contributing their unique perspectives and expertise. The CID team, led by our executive Nami Isaki and the project coordinator Besart Shabani, took center stage, steering the ship for Work Package 3. Their presentation outlined the crucial steps needed for the project’s success, setting the tone for a flawless execution.

Besart sums up the experience, stating, “Overall, it was a productive meeting.” The groundwork has been laid, and the path forward is clear. As the PENDYW project gains momentum, fueled by the passion and commitment of its partners, we anticipate a journey marked by innovation, collaboration, and, above all, positive impact.

Stay tuned for updates as PENDYW continues to unfold, breaking new ground in the realm of youth empowerment and non-discrimination. The story has just begun, and the narrative promises to be one of growth, friendship, and meaningful change.