Through “Promoting Youth Activism in Multiethnic Communities,” a project supported by the National Endowment for Democracy, MultiКулти youth center has continued being a thriving hub while a series of captivating weekend workshops have been unfolding, igniting the passions and aspirations of young minds eager to shape the future. Over the past weeks, in the premises of the center there have been educational workshops, structured towards the needs and necessities of the 20 motivated participants. These one day weekend workshops for the youth are important events because they are giving them opportunity to gain knowledge and develop new perspectives on crucial and important topics.

The workshop covering the topic of media literacy was particularly useful, valuable and insightful for the participants, since it explored through the topics of related to media literacy and critical thinking, as well as essential competencies for being literate in today’s digital landscape. In an era where information overwhelms our senses from every direction, providing young people with the tools to navigate this landscape is important. By supporting media literacy, participants gain the ability to discern fact from fake news, critically analyze information, and become active contributors to constructive dialogue. Equipped with these skills, they grow not only as well-informed citizens but as aware representatives of truth in a world filled with disinformation.

The workshop that followed was a dynamic exploration of advocacy tools, and it brought a spotlight on the methods and pathways to effecting meaningful change—both online and offline. In an era when movements for social change are initiated using digital mediums, understanding how to get the most of online advocacy is necessary for the young people if they want to become active agents of change. However, offline advocating approaches’ significance cannot be understated, which was clearly stated and understood through the activities of these workshops. This workshop allows participants a broad range of advocacy methods and tools, empowering them to raise their voices up even more, contribute for change, and advocate for issues that are important to them.

As the project’s activities continue with implementation, we are eagerly awaiting to see what kind of positive changes and ideas for initiatives will come up from the inspiring youngsters! One workshop at a time, a new generation of leaders is coming out in our community!