Building a Digital Community of Youth Workers

In an increasingly digital world, the need for digital competencies among youth workers has never been more crucial. Recognizing this imperative, a transformative Training Course (TC) took place from 19th to 24th February in Berovo North Macedonia, bringing together participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Belgium, and North Macedonia. This week-long program was not just a training event; it was a stepping stone towards building a robust community of youth workers dedicated to enhancing the quality of youth work across Europe.

The primary goal of this TC was to forge a community of youth workers equipped with the skills and knowledge to support and uplift the quality of youth work. In the face of the digital era’s challenges and opportunities, the program focused on enhancing the digital competencies of participants. By doing so, it aimed to empower them to prepare and create innovative digital initiatives that could contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Throughout the course, participants were immersed in an environment that encouraged the acquisition of advanced digital skills. These skills are essential for navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of digital tools and technologies. The training was designed to ensure that youth workers could leverage digital platforms and tools to foster engagement, learning, and community building among the youth they serve.

A unique aspect of this TC was its emphasis on peer-to-peer sharing and the exchange of best practices. Participants had the opportunity to learn from each other, sharing the skills and knowledge they had gained from their experiences in their respective countries. This collaborative approach not only enriched the learning experience but also fostered a sense of unity and mutual support among the youth workers.