Elena joined CID in 2014 as an EVS volunteer, after participating in several activities organised by CID. Her newly-discovered interest in the field of youth work and civil society organisations determined her to want to continue working in Kumanovo. Joggling between PR responsibilities (website management, social media, newsletter) and developing skills in other areas (facilitation, project writing, volunteer management, event organising), Elena is constanly seizing the opportunity to learn new things and develop new skills. Her interest in working in the CSO field came from a broad experience of living abroad and focusing on the study of interethnic conflicts and community development (after completing a Bachelor and Masters Degree in International Relations and European Studies), but also from taking part in several European and international projects with a focus on interethnic dialogue and youth participation.

Current interests: youth participation, international development, web design, global education, European citizenship.

Attended projects and events:

  1. Training courses:
  • ”Active citizens for minority youth”, Mavrovo, Macedonia, March 2014
  • ”Role of youth in dealing with the past”, Mavrovo, Macedonia, March 2014
  • ”Honeycomb of participation in national level youth organisations”,  Struga, Macedonia, September 2015
  • Youth Work, Newcastle, UK, April 2016
  • ”Youth Participation in the Development of a European Citizenship” Szczeczin, Poland, December 2014
  1. Seminars, conferences, international events:
  • DYPALL conference on youth participation on local level, Portimao, Portugal, April 2016
  • Seminar “Strengthening Employability through Youth Work”, Napoli, Italy, December 2015
  • International Student Festival, Greifswald, Germany, June 2014
  • Seminar on voting, Dobrich, Bulgaria, May 2013
  • International Student Festival, Greifswald, Germany, June 2012
  • Model EU Simulation, Exeter, UK, January 2012
  1. Council of Europe activities:
  • Online TC “Global Education and the HR Dimension”, March 2015
  • Online TC “Global Education and the Intercultural Dimension”, March 2015
  • Africa-Europe University on Youth and Development, Nairobi, Kenya, November 2015
  • DYPALL Study visit at the Youth Center of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, October 2016


”Democratic Awakening in Macedonia: Expect the Unexpected”, in Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy (no.3, 2015)

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