Ines joined CID in April 2016 as a volunteer. She studied Criminal Justice in the US, and after 5years there she came back to Macedonia. Her work in the US at the children’s and youth center inspired her to check out the activities CID is offering.  Firstly she volunteered together with an EVS volunteer from France, and with that she was able to explore her abilities in different areas (event management/organizing, facilitation, working with youngsters etc.). After the renovation of the youth center MultiKулти she started working there as one of the three youth workers. Her role and responsibilities now consist of developing and working on the daily activities program. The youth center serves as a bridge between the two ethnicities and their differences in Kumanovo, as well as a safe place where the children and youngsters can express themselves, work on personal development, and just have fun. Ines is happy to be working first hand with the children and young adults in Kumanovo because like we all know the youngsters are our future, and our future is worth investing in.

Other affiliations:

  • Facilitator at YE “ToBeOf” in Kumanovo/Ohrid – June 19th-July 1st  2016
  • Facilitator at OSCE Youth Camp in Ohrid – October 15th– 19th 2016
  • Facilitator at Bujrum / Mental Health and Woman’s corner in Kumanovo – October 2016 – present