Marija Krstevska is on the Master’s Degree Programme on finance and financial law at Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus in Skopje.

Her involvement in CID started back in 2010 as a participant in several workshops such as youth activists, multiculturalism, journalism etc. She also attended some seminars, youth exchanges and training courses in Macedonia, as well as abroad. From 2015 she is part of the CID Academy for future leaders. Since 2014 Marija is a trainer for the ‘street law’ programme (a project from partnership with Youth Educational Forum) and now she is the contact person between YEF and CID. In 2017 Marija joined CID as a Mobility Officer. Now she is a project coordinator and member of the Management Board.

Attended projects and events:

  • Youth exchange “Street culture and extreme sports” in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Training/seminar and a summer camp “Overcome ignorance – get to know the others” in Struga, Macedonia
  • Training course “Youth protagonist of change” in Palermo, Italy
  • Youth exchange “River conservation” in Redondela, Spain
  • Training course “Entrepreneurship and empowerment of youth people” in Zadar, Croatia
  • Training “Entrepreneurship” in Kumanovo, Macedonia
  • Study session “Re-act for equal opportunities online and offline” in Strasbourg, France
  • YUWG Spring Meeting in Rome, Italy
  • Training course “Enter the net – digital competences of organizations” (part of 16th University on Youth and Development) in Mollina, Spain
  • Training course “Better together” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Training course “Assessment of youth work” in Newcastle, Great Britain
  • Youth exchange “Sweetie let’s make a graffiti” in El Saucejo, Spain
  • Seminar “RESTART- Rethinking, Assessing, Activating and Evaluating Youth Organizations” (part of 17th University on Youth and Development) in Mollina, Spain


UYD 17: Marija and Angela about yet another great experience in Mollina

Marija about why it is important to talk about self-assessment for youth workers

The wonders of the University on Youth and Development, Mollina