The youth center

MultiКулти is a youth center focused on the establishment of a community dialogue in the ethnically segregated city of Kumanovo. The main purpose of the youth center is to establish the foundations for a sustainable multi-ethnic collaboration through inter-cultural learning and communication among young people. With the founding of MultiКулти Youth Center in 2010, a neutral platform for youth from different ethnic groups was founded in order for them to follow activities jointly. The youth center approaches youth work through creating possibilities for them to learn, socialize, meet their peers outside of their own ethnic group and freely express themselves while developing on a personal and social level.

In addition, it supports the active participation of the young people in the community, by providing them with the possibility to participate in open and structured dialogue with the local institutions, and further to influence the process of decision-making on the school and municipal level, by supporting them to create student and youth councils.

The online platform

The MultiКулти platform is an online space that complements the physical youth center by providing a great variety of services. It is an interactive platform that offers youngsters the following possibilities:

  • To follow the youth center´s activity by reading the latest news and seeing the events calendar;
  • To engage in discussions and express their opinion through the Disqus platform;
  • To follow online courses on topics that are relevant to young people;
  • To download the MultiКулти app in order to be always updated with the upcoming events;
  • To participate in decision-making processes through surveys and questionnaires.

Access the platform