The National Youth Council of Macedonia

NYCM is the nation-wide umbrella organization representing organized youth in Macedonia. NYCM gathers 67 organizations: 27 youth organizations, 18 organizations for youth, 2 national youth union organizations, 10 youth wings of political parties and 10 associate member organizations united to promote and advocate for youth rights in Macedonia.

The Local Youth Council of Kumanovo

The Local Youth Council of Kumanovo is a co-management body comprised of representatives of non-governmental organisations in Kumanovo, with the aim to involve young people in decision-making processes on local level.

Union of Youth Workers

The Union of Youth Workers is a network of 22 organisations from Macedonia that is working towards the professional recognition of youth work and youth workers, as well as on improving the overall quality of youth work services.

National Campaign Against Hate Speech on the Internet

The National Campaign against Hate Speech on the Internet is a movement that addresses and fights hate speech online in all its forms, with activities all around Macedonia.