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Who we are

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a civil society organization working to promote intercultural acceptance and active citizenship through capacity building processes, education and youth work.

Our mission is to ensure sustainable community development by creating opportunities for quality engagement of civil society, advancing learning opportunities, and active involvement of young people and other citizens.

What we offer

CID develops its activity on local, national, regional and international levels. We run a fully functional youth center in Kumanovo, and we offer support to the local volunteers in developing and implementing their own projects. Our pool of trainers delivers high-quality training and consultancy both on national and international levels. Our educational palette includes sending young people on mobility programmes such as youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, workcamps, etc.

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News from our partners: Online photo exhibition “1000 Words”

A picture is worth a thousand words! We are bringing you the proof for that! An Erasmus plus youth exchange that happened in Bulgaria (Dolna Banya) from 08.10. – 19.10.2016 wants to present you photo stories of our little heroes that fight with life obstacles...
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Sandra Denkovska about her EVS experience in Chiari, Italy

Sandra Denkovska spent two months this Summer volunteering in Chiari, Italy. Her mobility is part of the project ”Volunteering for Acceptance and Tolerance”, supported by the Erasmus+ programme. After her return in Macedonia, we chatted over coffee with Sandra to see...
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Youth Voice Macedonia: mapping the needs of high-school students

On November 11th  2016, the Youth Voice Macedonia team came to the Nace Bugjoni technical school in Kumanovo. Supported by CID members, one of the advocacy initiative groups created after the training courses held in Summer organised an event in the school that aimed...
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Tamara Petrusevska about her EVS experience in Chiari, Italy

Tamara Petrusevska spent two months this Summer volunteering in Chiari, Italy. Her mobility is part of the project ”Volunteering for Acceptance and Tolerance”, supported by the Erasmus+ programme. Her project was diverse in terms of activities: for seven weeks she was...
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Odiliapeel receives participants of 11 countries in a 7-day international training on participation of young migrants

15 – 21 November – Odiliapeel, teh Netherlands It will start next Tuesday 15 November 2016 the international training course “Young Migrant Voices: a training course for boosting participation of young migrants in decision-making processes at local level”.  The...
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Advocacy initiative in Slupcane: Let’s serve the youth!

The YOUTH VOICE MACEDONIA team organized a one-day advocacy event in Sllupchane Village, a ping-pong tournament under the motto “Let´s serve for youth”. The event aimed at promoting active participation and human rights through sports. It also served as a...
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”Youth Voice Macedonia” Local initiatives: Staro Nagoricane

Following the training courses on civic engagement and advocacy developed in the framework of the ”Youth Voice Macedonia” project, a series of youth initiatives have been developed in various communities of the Kumanovo municipality. One of them is being implemented...
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Aleksandar about inclusion and employability, Novi Sad

After participating in five different kinds of projects from the Erasmus+ program in the last six months, I decided to go on a training course to learn about the topic that I am most interested in: employability. This training course in Novi Sad gave me the...
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