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Who we are

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a civil society organization working to promote intercultural acceptance and active citizenship through capacity building processes, education and youth work.

Our mission is to ensure sustainable community development by creating opportunities for quality engagement of civil society, advancing learning opportunities, and active involvement of young people and other citizens.

What we offer

CID develops its activity on local, national, regional and international levels. We run a fully functional youth center in Kumanovo, and we offer support to the local volunteers in developing and implementing their own projects. Our pool of trainers delivers high-quality training and consultancy both on national and international levels. Our educational palette includes sending young people on mobility programmes such as youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, workcamps, etc.

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Aleksandar about inclusion and employability, Novi Sad

After participating in five different kinds of projects from the Erasmus+ program in the last six months, I decided to go on a training course to learn about the topic that I am most interested in: employability. This training course in Novi Sad gave me the...
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Teodora about the Volunteering Management Lab (TC in Poznan)

The project “Volunteering Management Lab” was held between the 19th and the 26th of September in Poznan, Poland and gathered 25 participants from 5 countries: Macedonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal and Poland. The project aimed  to increase the skills of...
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CU TENDA: Повик за учесници на обуки/Thirrje për pjesmarrës në trajnime

Центарот за Интеркултурен Дијалог (ЦИД) со задоволство распишува повик за учесници за циклус обуки на тема „Влашка култура“. Центарот за Интеркултурен Дијалог 2ра година по ред огранизира обука за ученици од основно и средно училиште кои се мотивирани да работат за...
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“YOUTHIFICATION – 2016” – training for youth workers in Switzerland

Young people who are interested to get involved into youth work and non-formal education, very often are faced with a number of difficult questions to which they struggle to get proper answers. Should that be a reason why some of these young people quit the idea of...
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It’s time for some more MultiKulti workshops!

As we already got you used to it, MultiKулти is coming with yet another season of interactive workshops for the youth of Kumanovo. This time though we stepped up the game and invited young enthusiastic people to come up with their own ideas for workshops and become...
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Stefan about the No Hate Speech seminar in Tirana

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a training seminar in Tirana, Albania via the No Hate Speech Movement that was funded and supported by the Council of Europe. The seminar put focus on how youth can develop campaigns for promoting human rights, using The...
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Aleksandra Cvetkovska about the Forum of Young Peacebuilders

In September Aleksandra Cvetkovska attended the Young Peacebuilders Forum 2016 in the Hague, Netherlands, between 20-24 September. The forum has brought together 45 young peacebuilders from all around the world to learn from each other’s experiences on the ground and...
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Call for researcher

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (Macedonia), in partnership with Belgrade Open School (Serbia), Youth Association Alfa Albona (Croatia), Institute for Youth Development KULT (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Albanian Center for Population and Development (Albania) and...
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