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Who we are


Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a civil society organization working to promote intercultural acceptance and active citizenship through capacity building processes, education and youth work.

Our mission is to ensure sustainable community development by creating opportunities for quality engagement of civil society, advancing learning opportunities, and active involvement of young people and other citizens.

What we offer


CID develops its activity on local, national, regional and international levels. We run a fully functional youth center in Kumanovo, and we offer support to the local volunteers in developing and implementing their own projects. Our pool of trainers delivers high-quality training and consultancy both on national and international levels. Our educational palette includes sending young people on mobility programmes such as youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, workcamps, etc.

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Dragan Milanov about the beauty of workcamps

Dragan Milanov attended 4 workcamps this year – 3 of them in Germany (Sustainable Lifestyle in Bernkastel-Kues on 14-29 July 2018, ARSPROTOTOkunst in Berlin on  5 – 18 August 2018, and ‘Lake, Hills and Environment’ in Sipplingen on 18 August...
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InEDU: newly-trained educators become multipliers in local community

In the framework of the project ”InEDU: Inclusive education models for children with migrant background”, which aims to help the teachers in pre-primary education to address the increasing social and cultural diversity in their classroom, CID has mobilised teachers...
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MultiКулти’s got Champions! – Ping-pong tournament in Kumanovo

One of the activities that young people coming to our youth center enjoy the most is playing sports together. Sport is a universal language and it brings communities together, so we decided to take it outside and to bring youth from different schools in one place to...
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Sofija about dialogue and community in Maastricht, Netherlands

This is not my first training course, but it is definitely my favorite one! Autumn, a resort far away from the city, people from many different countries  and  7 days filled with joy. The training course ”Using dialogue to build community” that took place in...
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Hristina, Konstantin and Fatlinda about diversity in Loppem, Belgium

The Seminar “Share, Experience, Get Inspired-Enjoy the diversity of non-formal learning tools” took place from 24th to 28th October 2018 in Loppem, Belgium. It was organized by SCI International Secretariat and co-financed under the Erasmus+ Programme. The aim of the...
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My year in Tallin – SUDALINNA KOOL

I’m Feysal Shabani from Gostivar, and I am 27 years old. After graduating from university where I studied English language and American studies, I started working in a multilingual course as an English teacher. At first, it was interesting and everything was...
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”Peace Ambassadors” Academy: young people from Western Balkans work together for peacebuilding

With the establishment of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) in the Western Balkans, the effort to support peacebuilding processes in the area have increased significantly. CID joined this effort by bringing together 32 participants from Western Balkan 6...
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The Coordinating Team of the SAVA Working Group held a meeting in Kosovo

On October 8th and 9th, the members of the Coordinating Team (CT) of the SAVA Working Group of SCI had a meeting in order to review the group´s activity in the past year and to prepare for the upcoming Annual Meeting. The meeting was kindly hosted by GAIA Kosovo in...
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