lets do it mk_workshop_april 2012World cleanup 2012 is a huge project going on in the whole planet and does not need much closer introduction. Macedonia is among the countries that are participating in the action and wish to clean up the whole country in one day. Cleanup action in Macedonia is organized by the organization “Let’s do it Macedonia!”

Final cleanup day will be held on the 6th of October 2012. Due to the fact that in Macedonia people really need to be informed how to handle their waste, before the final action, there were organized several pilot cleanups in April. The whole action is not only about to clean up the area, but it also to increase its inhabitants’ environmental awareness.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) decided to get involved in the action and promised to take part in Kumanovo and Lipkovo area. 

International volunteers in Kumanovo (4 Peace Corp volunteers, 1 EVS volunteer) with the help of local volunteers from Bujrum – Center for Rural development, decided to form a group of people who take responsibility of delivering workshops in Lipkovo. Workshops are part of pilot cleanup project and were held for Lipkovo high school students. The aim was to raise students’ environmental awareness and educate them to respect their surroundings. In total, 5 workshops were delivered. Pilot cleanup action took place on the 22nd of April in Lipkovo, a municipality close to Kumanovo. 

“One could say that we have already succeeded! It is kind of a revolution for these students. It is a totally new concept and this subject is a big change in mindset. We can only hope that these workshops will make some difference and students, their friends and hopefully parents are willing to contribute in the cleanup action” said EVS volunteer Sandra.

Let’s do it Macedonia!

You can find more photos of workshops and pilot cleanup actions on the Bujrum Facebook page and Let’s do it Macedonia Facebook page