Cheers to all the volunteers!

One more summer is slowly running away, and CID can be proud of what was done during these long and lovely sunny days! While all the people around the city were enjoying their vacations, we had quite a lot of work to be done. After the big staff retreat, we had to face many changes in office, which brought fresh creative breeze in all the sectors in the organization. But this was not the only area where we had fresh wave of new ideas…

The biggest innovative wave to our organization this summer was brought by the volunteers!

Four new EVS volunteers did a great job in the premises of the Youth center in Proevce. A great artistic painting of the walls there was done, so that we can proudly say we have one more space for youngsters to develop their innovative ideas and use their spare time in. The first activity there was already done – one of the three Open days for youth inclusion was done there exactly! At the same time, we had our local volunteers and members of CID, and MultiKulti Youth Radio being part of all the everyday activities the organization was part of.

Also, leisure activities and two educational programme keep engaged many youngsters in the MultiKulti Youth Center thanks to our volunteer Daniel Carter.

Great cheers to all who made smiles on so many faces this summer by their great work! It is a blessing to do something you can – having love, care and good will as the only answer to the question why you are doing that.

As it was once said: “Those who can – do. Those who can do more – volunteer.”

You know you can do more!