That you can read this intro is a reason to celebrate because it means that you survived the “End of The World” in 2012 and also you didn’t explode after all the heavy and delicious New Year and Christmas food in the first weeks of 2013!

The new year started (Yes, we know, actually it is not sooo new anymore) but anyway everyone in CID Office is still highly motivated and full of new ideas and so it happened that we participated in the new youtube-hype Harlem Shake! Watch it here!

Through so much fun in the office we have the power to organise all these projects you can find in this newsmail, e.g. about the continuing of the Hate Speech Online Campaign, the “From Our Hearts” Project in Skopje, news about the Local Youth Council and so on and so on. We also introduce you to the new EVS volunteer from Portugal Eduardo.

But now we’ve talked enough!

Lean back and enjoy the first issue of the CID Newsmail 2013!

Nice regards,

Your Newsmail editors
Magdalena Manevska
Vivien Vieth


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