CID General Assembly and Staff Retreat!

CID staff retreat

Not even the hot summer stops CID from hard work. Just in the middle of the summer heatwave, during the weekend of 7th and 8th of July, CID held its General Assembly and organized a staff retreat. Two events merged together, which provided a weekend full of discussions, planning and fun.

The event gathered CID volunteers, activists and staff and had the aim to vote on the new structure of the organization, improve the strategic plan and give space for meeting and enjoyment.

The weekend started with the presentation and voting on the new president and the candidates of the CID board. After a short deliberation, white smoke was seen over Probishtip; we have a new president and CID board!

This was followed by discussions on the current strategic plan and proposals about the action plan. New plans and activities will be introduced starting from September all with the aim to become more reliable to the needs of our members and the working environment. And we did not forget the fun of course. After the successful meetings, the team-building continued with water and board games.

We are happy that this weekend was productive, as it helped us to review on our success and challenges, and plan for the future.

Finally we congratulate the new president, Matej Manevski, and the CID Board with their election. We wish them a successful mandate!

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