Youth work connects people!

I’m sure you will support the next line: when you do youth work, you are not even aware how many great people with awesome talents will you encounter on your way. And also, you will say as many ‘goodbyes’ as ‘welcomes’.

When I first took responsibility of the PR campaign and the online visibility of the organization, including the Newsmail and Youth Radio, I had no idea how tough it would be to manage it all alone! Luckily, I didn’t really have the time to think about it… Two months after I took this on, a great support and help arrived! Sandra, the very organized EVS volunteer, who at first was just a warm and cheerful friend, quickly jumped into the whole process of collecting articles for the Newsmail, supporting the coordination of the MultiКулти Youth Radio, and of course, keeping our websites – – alive.

How great a person Sandra is was noticed not only by me, but the whole CID and Radio team, which organized a special meeting and party the week before she left for Estonia. Back then, we did not really have the words to express how grateful we are for the job she did with both of the teams. Now, a couple days after her departure back to her family and friends, we want to announce that she has friends here now, too. And we appreciate the strict time-schedules and organized files that she helped us get used to.  She also filled many of your days as you read articles signed by ‘CID office’ in these Newsmails.

Also, a great THANK YOU to Daniel, our awesome Welsh volunteer who had his show on the radio; thanks to him we have many youngsters who have fallen in love with our MultiКулти Youth Centre, with which he was taking care of.

Enjoy your time back in your countries, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

CID Newsmail Editor