Where: Olhão, Portugal

Volunteering period: January 1st 2017 –  December 31st 2017 

Application deadline: 10 October 2016

Introduction to MOJU: who we are and what we do

MOJU is a youth organization founded by a group of young people who strongly believe in the importance of youth participation in society. It is a non-governmental organization which works at three levels: local, national and international. As such, MOJU is a member of the Federation of Youth Organizations of Algarve, of the National Federation of Youth Organizations and of YEU – Youth for Exchange and Understanding.

Specific tasks to be delivered by the volunteers:

– Support the development of activities for youngsters, which will involve the preparation of group dynamics, team building activities, cultural activities, sport activities, and others, always in articulation with the association’s team;
– School support, where the volunteers will have the chance to have direct contact with children and organize several outdoor activities;
– Promotion of games and activities for youngsters during school breaks;
– Work at the social living room of MOJU´s head office, which is open to children and youngsters from Monday to Sunday, where the volunteers can help in the organisation of the space, in the organisation of activities for the holidays related to special events, in the organisation of sports activities and in the creation of new activities, among others;
– Support in the international relationships, helping the team in the organization of international trainings for cooperation of people from different nationalities in various subjects, youth work camps, for the promotion of volunteering in various subjects and international training and exchange programmes;
– Office support in international level, making contacts with international partners.

Volunteers’ profile

Be above 18 years old

There are no preferences regarding gender, age or study areas. However a special concern is taken on the analysis of volunteers’ expressed interest in working with children and young people with fewer opportunities and at risk of exclusion, since these will be the main goal of the proposed activities.

The fact that the volunteer has some experience linked with youth associations was seen as positive for the development of the activities/ projects, although it was not an exclusion point for the decision.

The most important is that the volunteer shows willingness to develop the proposed activities/ projects with motivation.

Working hours:
The volunteers will work 5 days per week for a maximum of 35 hours. Weekends are free, except for some events that may take place during weekends. In such a case, the volunteers will be compensated with a day off during the week.
Moreover, the volunteers, according to the Activity Agreement have 24 days off during
the year, or 2 days off per month.

MOJU as a hosting and coordinating organisation is responsible for providing the volunteers with accommodation in a safe environment. The volunteer will live in a furnished rented flat shared with other EVS Volunteers, close from the office and not far from the centre of the town. The flat contains all the necessary amenities and is divided in different rooms, kitchen and bathroom. The volunteers will have their own bedroom or share it with another volunteer, a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Food allowance and pocket money
Every month MOJU will provide the volunteers with food money in the amount of 150€ and pocket money in the amount of 100€.
As far as travel costs are concerned, the budget for a round trip ticket per participant from 360€.
Please, bear in mind that you have to keep all boarding passes and tickets in order to have the money reimbursed. 


Download the document, fill in the application form and together with your CV and Motivation Letter send it to sending@cid.mk with subject EVS in Portugal