Between the 26th of January and the 2nd of February, an adult course took place in Kumanovo, gathering participants from the partner organisations – Project2020 from UK and Visamar from Germany. For 6 days, the participants attended sessions, met with local experts and practiced on developing an educational activity.

This course was the third in the line of activities of the project ”Adult Learning: Social Inclusion through Entrepreneurship”, which is being implemented from September 2016 to February 2018. The adult education course focused on the Intercultural Education dimension, and included sessions such as Interculturality as a dimension in education, Education vs. Learning, Exepriential Learning, Development of a safe space for intercultural learning, etc. The participants got the theoretical input, discussed and debated various principles and methodologies and chose to practice an activity that they selected from all the bibliography taht was provided by the trainer.








The course also included meetings with experts: the participants visited the KRIK youth center in Skopje, had a conversation with the coordinator of the pool of trainers of the National Youth Council of Macedonia, found out about the situation of the refugees stranded at the Northern border by having a meeting with Aleksandra Davidovska from Legis, and explored the local reality of Kumanovo in terms of youth work.

But the most valuable activity, according to the participants themselves, was using the last 2 days for practicing on implementing an activity with a group of people. They received feedback from each other (peer feedback) and from the trainer, and managed to get some new ideas for their work back in their countries.