Project reference: 2019-3-BE05-KA205-002786

Dates: 01.02.2020 -31.01.2021

Lead organization: Art of the Box (Belgium)

Partner organizations: PESHKAR PRODUCTIONS LIMITED (UK), OUT OF THE BOX INTERNATIONAL (Belgium), Centar za Socijalne Inovacije Centrifuga (Serbia) and CENTER FOR INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE ASSOCIATION (North Macedonia)

About the project:

“YOUth on AIR – developing active participation and intercultural dialogue among youth through online media tools” – is a 12 month strategic partnership project aimed at developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organisations in the
youth field through using digital radio as the main tool. The project intends to strengthen and build – through training and exchange of good practices – competences of young people in digital media and practice their right for freedom of expression by providing space for youngsters from different
ethnic and religious backgrounds to jointly partake in a learning activity that will enhance their digital skills, knowledge and capacities. The participants will explore the power of digital radio and its ability to significantly advance the position of youth, as it is a medium which is not yet being used to its full potential in most communities. The radio reaches a wide range of people and addresses the realities of local life, and it is still the second most popular medium accessed at least once a week by Europeans. Community radio often speaks in languages ignored by mainstream
media and shares vital information with hard-to-reach audiences. This emphasizes the need for the transnational aspect of this project as the participants will get an insight into the extent to which the potential of community radio is and has been used in both member and non-member EU

The objectives of the project are:

  • Showcasing the power of radio as a medium, esp. in fostering active participation of young people by providing safe and creative spaces where they can work productively
    • Highlighting the contribution of young people as creators of radio content and improving their participation
    • Eliminating stereotypes and promoting multidimensional portrayal in radio; connecting youth from different ethnic/religious backgrounds through the universal language of music
    • Building radio skills for youth radio production through cross sectoral and transnational cooperation
    • Promoting European cooperation in the youth field

In the framework of this project there will be two intellectual outputs:

IO1 Toolkit “Radio for quality youth work”

IO2 Pilot Radio show series “Around Europe in 60 minutes”

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ KA2 Programme of the European Commission.