Center for Intercultural Dialogue is looking for trainers to facilitate 1 day workshops that will be held  between 28th of October to 16th of December 2023. Participants of the workshops are young leaders from Kumanovo, Lipkovo and Staro Nagoricane. There will be 20 participants on each workshop.



CID is organizing a series of workshops that are part of CID ACADEMY 2023. The overall goal of the series of workshops will focus on developing the young participants’ skills to promote positive changes and become changemakers in their communities through peer outreach, community mapping, establishing local partnerships, conducting structured dialogue, and using offline and online tools for advocacy. The two trainers leading the workshop will aim to foster team solidarity among the youth, and will follow an informal methodology, with sessions based on small group work, simulations, role playing, and discussions. Workshops will be held in MultiКулти Youth Center in Kumanovo.

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