Current projects: 

↠ EVS: Volunteering for Acceptance and Tolerance
↠ WEBWORK: WEstern Balkan youth WORK(s) for youth Employability! – Regional initiative for a common approach to youth employability”
↠ Innovation and eLearning in Service of Youth Work & Non Formal Education in Europe
↠ MultiКулти Social Youth Services
↠ Cu Tenda:  Stories, Images and Sounds on the Move; Living memory of Southeastern Europe
↠ Democratic governance of local youth organizations
↠ Youth Work Recognition with Self-Assessment and Accreditation
↠ Youth Voice Macedonia
↠ Civil Society for European Integration
↠ To be or not to be formal

Past projects:

↠ First Work Experience for Lifelong Success
↠ Honeycomb of Participation in National Level Youth Organizations
↠ Development of local youth policy and youth participation in 12 local communities in Macedonia
↠ Developing the Youth Strategy Bitola
↠ Inclusive youth participation in diverse communities
↠ Look Beyond: Role of youth in action in youth work development (2014)
↠ ACTEC – ACTive European Citizenship –through cooperation and information
↠ Youth exchange “Youth for Outdoor Inclusion”
↠ New season of programmes in the Youth Centers of Kumanovo
↠ Leonardo Da Vinci Internship Project: “EU work experience to increase employability”
↠ Seminar “Lessons learnt from youth regional cooperation”
↠ NetWess‘NETworking for Efficient and Sustainable Civil Society across the Border
↠ CID supports sustainable inter-community dialogue
↠ Training youth workers to work with youth at risk
↠ Seminar Log in for Human Rights
↠ Combating hate speech online
↠ National Training Course in Human Rights Education

CID Calendar

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